Desi Cow Milk Products

The ghee of the Desi Gaay is full of nutritive qualities and is said to be ideal for heart patients who suffer from excessive cholesterol in the blood. It is extensively used in Ayurvedic medicines such as CHYAVANAPRASH.

Cow Ghee
Cow ghee promotes memory, intellect, power of digestion, semen, ojas, kapha and fat. It alleviates vata, pitta, toxic conditions, insanity, consumtion and fever. It is auspicious, cold in potency and sweet both in taste & vipaka.
Ghee should be given for drinking to the patient suffering from jwara when there is less aggravation of kapha and more of the aggravation of vayu as well as pitta.

Cow ghee, cow milk as the best wholesome ones
Best among the wholesome ones, cow ghee, and cow milk is best.

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