Farmers' extension and development program

After conducting the preliminary survey and extension work (by contacting farmers) it is observed that the farmers in the neighboring region have come forward in large numbers and evinced a keen interest in starting dairy enterprises. The reason for this is that there is a vast irrigated area on the bank of the Musi River where annually two crops of paddy are grown. The approximate area under the Musi River basin is one lakh acres. However, in recent years, the paddy crop is found to be non remunerative by farmers due to excessive vegetative growth and low yields. This land is more suitable for fodder production which is remunerative, and hence conducive to a dairy enterprise.

Eligibility criteria for selection of farmers/entrepreneurs and required services by Charaka:

Single farmer family unit (must be a member of the AOP)

  • In this category, the family unit will have 6 cows supported by one acre of irrigated land for fodder production.
  • The farmer should have affinity to maintain the unit (6 cows) by working along with his family members. The farmer will be provided with selected cows by Charaka.
  • The inputs like fodder seeds and planting material, fertilizers etc., will be provided for each family unit.
  • Animal health services including insurance coverage are made available.
  • The family units will be selected in all villages in all 7 Revenue Mandals viz,. Bibinagar, B.Pochampally, Valigonda, Ramannapet, Mothkur, Athmakur and Kanegal in Nalgonda district.
  • Charaka will facilitate procurement of milk at a price remunerative to the farmer.

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