Cow Lovers program


Interested and affordable lovers of cow shall make Fixed Deposit (F.D.R) amounts in the multiples of Rs. 50,000/- in their names in the designated bank recommended by Charaka. The term shall be for minimum period of 5 years. They will earn interest on their deposits from the bank.

The Cow Lovers fix deposits will create confidence to the bankers so that they can lend money to the Desi Cow Dairy Farmer's in whose interest the deposit are kept by the Cow Lovers. As required by the bank these deposits during their tenure shall be used as additional surety towards the lending made by the bank to the rural dairy farmers. Irrespective of any pending claims from the bank, Charaka guarantees the return of the deposits to the depositors at the end of the maturity. This is because Charaka offers a corporate guarantee to the bank and based on Charaka's instructions Bank shall release the FDR of the cow lover at the end of the tenure.

Farm fresh Desi Cow milk from Charaka Dairy is supplied in 2 liters sealed returnable stainless steel cans. Consumer has to make a returnable deposit of Rs. 1000/-towards two stainless steel cans. The cow lover has to pay for the milk for at least one month in advance. At the present day retail price (Rs.80 x 2 ltrs x 30days =Rs. 4800/-) is to be paid by cheque or DD in favour of Charaka Dairy Pvt, Ltd.


  • The Cow lover earns an interest of 9 percent per annum on his deposit.
  • The Cow lover shall be entitled to 10 percent discount on the retail price from Charaka for 2 liters milk per day which works out to additional nine percent advantage. This means a total benefit of 18 percent on the Rs. 50,000/- deposited by the Cow lover in the FDR.
  • Farm fresh Desi cow milk supply at his door step each morning.
  • Charaka guarantees that at end of the fifth year the fixed deposit shall be returned to the owner.

Charaka modular dairy estate is designed and constructed on the following basis -

  • Organized, well designed Dairy estates are being established by Charaka with overall control, involving rural dairy farmers.
  • 64 Units each with 16 cows totaling to 1024 cows are housed in a single estate.
  • Each unit of 16 cows is provided with suitable shed, menzers and other facilities to each dairy farmer/unit holder.
  • Each Estate is completely protected by a security compound wall. Any outside milk to enter the estate is banned.Any other materials can enter the premises only with the explicit permission of the management.
  • Security comprises of 24 hours strict surveillance and controlling inward outward movement of men and material. This prevents any adulteration of milk or use of any spurious additives etc.
  • Strict overall quality assurance and control methods. This covers all areas including water supply, feed, fodder and up keep of the cows.
  • Pure healthy Desi cows are only procured as per established norms. Drink ‘Charaka Amrut’ farm fresh Desi Cow milk and avoid medical and hospital expenses on health care.
    NOTE : However those health conscious consumers who are not interested to go with above scheme can buy farm fresh Desi Cow milk from Charaka based on retail price paid for each month in advance along with

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